ASPIRE INFINITUS was conceived by two seasoned HR Professionals who wanted to set up a platform which would facilitate collaboration between Industry and Academia on a WIN-WIN basis; and in a way which has never been attempted before.

A platform where like minded professionals from various disciplines would come together as Aspire Infinitus Preceptors and share their experience and knowledge to develop personalized consultancy solutions, which would be conceived and made available on request for the benefit of all who need a friend, philosopher and guide in their quest for Individual Excellence and Organisational Success.

ASPIRE INFINITUS gainfully utilises the Knowledge; Experience and Acumen of it’s pool of Preceptors to provide World Class Intellectual Offerings. Our services are in the following FIVE specific areas:

Aspire Infinitus Preceptors are Domain Experts and Domain Practitioners who are waiting in the wings, ready to step forward and contribute whenever opportunities pertaining to their specific domain arise. AI Preceptors are co-opted to form the focus groups which develop personalised solutions for the clients of the organisation on a fixed remuneration mode or on a profit sharing mode.

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